Thursday, August 27, 2009

Letting Go

It has been some time since I have posted and I am ready to talk again. The words letting go seem to be swirling around in my head now for a while. This can mean so many things, letting go of our beliefs that don't serve us anymore. Letting go of our expectations of how our journey was supposed to begin and end. Letting go of the hurts from the past and freeing those who we think have hurt us.

The thing that puts me in awe of letting go is what happens when we choose to let go. How life seems to feel lighter, we gain a new deeper understanding of the universe. Our perspective has changed, we may want to participate in our life a bit more. Inspiration starts to flow easily without effort, as if something larger than our self has taken over.

So I invite you to let go. Let that something larger than yourself inspire you. Trust in the universe and watch "the path that unfolds" because you chose to let go!

With much gratitude,


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Serenissima said...

Well said. And so it is!

Enjoy the light and fluffy feeling!