Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I always thought I knew how to love and that I did it well until I heard the true definition of it. I realized in my humanness that I have a lot of practice ahead of me with this word love. To really love is not to be attached but to let flow. To feel the place in your heart that has a warm glow of light that buzzes gently yet powerfully.

So let love flow through you and to you. Change happens by loving it, embracing the moments as they come and being present with where you are. I couldn't think of a better time to start loving with spring here, I am so delighted to see blooms on the trees. I am reminded once again that their is a constant re-birth in the universe and if I choose, I too can have that.

With much gratitude,


Anonymous said...

I love the sun...hotter in some places, cooler in others...therapeutic in either environment! =0)

Margo said...

Love is amazing. The more of it that you give, the better you feel. When we choose to love, we are happy. It definitely brings a warmth that you get in not other way.