Thursday, October 30, 2008


The word hope keeps coming to mind when I check in with myself, and ask myself "How am I feeling about the state of the world at this particular moment in time? "

The thing I really love about hope is that it means there is a chance. I equate the word hope to anything is possible! I envision hope to look like a light big or small at the end of a dark tunnel.

So please share with me what you may love about the word hope and what it means to you in the comment section. Take the time to read what others have said and thank you for stopping by.



RobinArvai said...

I love the word hope... If you don't have hope, then really what do you have?

*I hope that everyone tells the truth
*I hope that the world is everything that everyone talks about
*I hope that my girls have so much more then I do
*I hope that I can be all that I can be for both my husband and daughters

Anonymous said...

I hope:

1. My daughter becomes a better person than I (and I am not saying I am a bad person!).
2. My wife's life dreams come true.
3. Max our dog gets enough rubs each night.
4. We can come up with a food line that tastes really great and isn't bad for you!

Chris Whitaker said...

FYI...the Oct 31 anonymous was me! =0)

Margo said...

To hope is to have many dreams!