Saturday, October 11, 2008

The story and request

The idea came to me after speaking with this really wise woman that said, " We need to focus on what is great about our nation". I couldn't agree more with her.

So here I am creating a space for people to list what they love and a space for others to read it. I want to know what you love about life, the world around you, really anything about it that makes you excited.

So a list of things that I love is.....

My daughter and her playfulness
the leaves changing color..such amazing shades of red and orange
honey sticks..quite yummy
a latte made just right...
a crisp apple
my husband

Please share what you love in the comment section and take the time to read what others love.

Thank you for stopping by to tell me what you love!


Aunt Di said...

Right now, I love....
*pumpkin pie warm with vanilla ice cream
*picking an apple from my very own apple tree in my backyard
*watching people enjoy their families
*autumn colors
*laughing so hard it hurts
*politicians standing up for what is right (yes, i have seen it happen!)
*the idea for this blog!
*smelling my husband's neck after his cologne has been worn all day
*hearing any of my kids' voice when I pick up the phone!

more later! every day there is more to love!

Robin Arvai said...

I absolutly love..
~hearing my child laugh
~waking up and seeing the sun
~going to bed listening to the rain
~a beautiful book
~an amazing glass of wine (or bottle, hehehe)
~hearing my husband opening the door from a long day of work
~my friends in the rainy city
~my friends in the land of no rain
I could go on and on and on...

cindy said...

I love so many things...
*Sitting on a dock looking at a calm lake
*The moment the plane lands - whether its beginning a vacation or returning home
*sleeping late with lots of covers
*wearing pink lip gloss
*my wedding ring
*the ride home from a day of snowboarding
*when my husband kisses me before leaving for work (at 5AM and I am barely conscious)
*when my boys laugh
*warm sand on my toes, hot sun on my back and a steel drum band tinkling along
*night time drives in summer with all the windows down and the radio playing loud
I could go on forever....

Chris Whitaker said...

I love...

-The first day of getting over a cold
-Kissing my wife each morning before heading off to work
-Family chili night and the laughter from the noises to follow
-Great views
-Hearing my daughter say "peez" and "thank you daddy"...sucker! =0)
-When my team wins
-Juicy pineapple on a sunny day

Margo said...

I love the sunny days that are really cool outside during fall.
Running in crispy leaves
jogging in the early morning
Going to the park with my daughter and husband.
Eating hot pizza with red wine on cool night.
Watching my daughter learn new things.
The sound of our daughter's giggle.
My family.

Cari said...

*Warm baths after a long day
*Watching my children play with friends
*My super soft blanket at 2am
*A great book
*Inspiring real life stories that motivate
*Walking the dog and talking to the kids as we go(you get sooo much info out of them )

jewlie said...

* Listening to my 5 year old sing Christian pop/rock songs
* My 17 month old giggle
* My amazing husband and all that he does for my family
*crisp autumn mornings and warm afternoons
*watching a 5 year olds soccer game
*Hearing my little boy say "no" and "peez" - it's so cute, I kinda don't want him to learn the right way. :)
*watching my daughters hip hop dance class, so cute.
*Hug from a family member
*My Mom
*Drinking hot apple cider and walking through the pumkin patch, to find just the right one!

Ashley said...

Right now I'm loving....
~ enjoying a hot white chocolate mocha in the car when it's pouring outside
~ family parties
~ random kisses and I love you's from my hubby and kids
~ getting a 'wow, that is good' from my hubby over something new I cooked (since he's the "cook" of the family)
~ cuddling on Saturday mornings, even if we are all squished
~ the beautiful fall colors and crisp cool air

and the list could go on... (but I have to get up and get ready for the day now)

Thank you for the wonderful blog Tonia!!

Jenny said...

I love...
* My Husband
* unending laughter, smiles, hugs & kisses from my girls
* fresh apple pie
* baking cookies with my Nana
* tractor rides with my kids
* picking fresh berries
* holding hands with my husband
* the support and unconditional love from my mom
* watching my 4 year old play sports and learn new skills
* hearing my 2 year old speak new words
* the sweet smell of my kids

Kelly said...

I love:
* the sound of my husband's laughter
* the twinkle in my son's eye
* cold days with hot cocoa
* the beauty of Western Washington
* having such wonderful friends
* fuzzy socks
* listening to my baby babble away
* great food - all types
* sharing a glass of wine with my husband by candlelight
* living right now
* the feeling of ocean waves on bare feet
* how full my heart is when I am with my family
* teaching, learning, reading
* enlightenment
* yoga
* animals
* this blog!

Anonymous said...

Walking on my favotite beach at sunset
Playing with my favorite 3 year old.
Seeing the tips of dolphin fins off the coast.
Fabulous food.
My own bed after being away.
Singing along to 70s singers and songwriters.
Surfers V shape.
Hearing that I look wonderful.
Hearing that someone thinks I am genuine.
Baby feet

khadijahnova said...

I love...

The smell of my daugher's hair after her bath..

Falling asleep to my husband's breathing and being spooned...

Opening my bedroom window and hearing the rain pour down as I sleep...

The smell of Fall..

Venti Green Ice Teas from Starbuck's...

Hearing my daughter say..."I love you too Mama"!

Hearing about other women's pregnancies and their excitement...

Being thoughtful to others...It fufills apart of me each time I do something for someone know way down in you..

Having Hope and laughing and telling silly stories...

Making memories each moment of every day...


steve said...

I love my wife's face wrinkles... Those little stripes that radiate from the corners of her eyes from so many years of sharing her smile... the marks in her forehead from endlessly thinking about others.
I love :
+beautiful morning drives into work
+my dog's greeting, each evening
+associating with people of faith and character
+uplifting stories, words of encouragement, acts of kindness, and displays of courage
+blessings of humor/joy, peace in my soul, and all that love saturating my heart
+opportunities to use plus signs

kim said...

i love ...
- being an auntie
- my husband wrapping his pinkie finger around mine in church
- silent meows from my cat when she's sooo sleepy
- the smell of cider on the stove
- the feeling of complete relaxation ("la la land") minutes before falling asleep
- being surprised by something so funny that the "embarrassing laugh" comes out
- hearing the leaves and pine needles crackle under my feet during a hike
- knowing that i'll be with family at christmas

bethrblessed said...

Thank you for asking...I love: My relationship with Jesus and that it is not religion, but relationship!
I love my Daddy and am proud of how hard he is trying to do well since my dear Mother died in February...We know it is hard, as we miss her daily, but he is living in honor of Mom, after them being best friends and partners in marriage for almost 50 years!
I love my niece, Micayla, for having such a good time, dressing up like Barbie, for her first high school dance! Hot pink satin dress, silver heels and silver jewelry!, all showing off her beautiful red, not blonde, hair!
I love my little Sister and how she is trying to be a great Mommy and an inspiration,in the face of divorce after many years of marriage.
I love drinking hot tea, smelling my new less than $3. pumpkin spice candle
I also love how doctors are finding that all teas are good for us, and that stevia and natural sweetners are better for us!
I love the beautiful autumn world that God created for us to enjoy!
I love multi-grain pancakes with pure maple syrup.

mandy said...

I love:
- sitting in the sun
- giving the perfect gift
- thoughtful friends
- sunday morning breakfasts
- opening the refrigerator right after a trip to the grocery
- a good warm fire
- the feeling of finishing a long run especially when I didn't want to even start it
- trying something new
- two weimaraners that love me and are so overwhelmingly glad to see me no matter what

jude said...

the little "orphan" stuffed animals I hear in thrift stores telling me "you are the one who is going to take me home" and being so delighted by the "family" of friends we have become

the sound of my real(especially when she's depressed and hasn't answered my calls) friend's voice when she actually does answer my call!

seeing God heal my paralyzed (for 35 years) friend's recent infection

being in my home when not even the refrigerator motor is making a sound - pure pleasure

seeing the wind blowing the leaves on the cherry tree outside my window

watching the white egret and the blue heron swoop down and land on the little (man made) lake where there are often geese and ducks but only those two beauties

Jennie said...

I love...
~When my husband kisses me early in the morning before leaving for work.
~The feeling of a baby growing inside of me (thinking I feel movement when it's really gas - teehee)
~Talking with my best friends about how to be a great wife
~The way my husband looks at me when he's really smitten (it's like I could do no wrong in his eyes)
~taking relaxing baths
~reading a great book
~sleeping in and waking up to breakfast in bed (I have the best husband ever!)
~when my cat curls up next to me when I'm napping
~cuddling on the couch while watching a good movie
~the sound of waves crashing on the beach
~sunsets in Hawaii (well, anywhere, really)
~floating down Yosemite river with some of your best friends
I could go on forever.... :-)