Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beauty of Change

Lately I have been giving some thought to... what is it about change that we love? Is it the idea that the universe is shifting. Is it that our perspective on the world is different? Are we seeing things in a new light?

What I love about change is I know something more beautiful always emerges from the experience even if we don't see it right away. I find that beauty lives in change. I also find peace in a knowing that the world can become a better place by way of change.

So please share with me what you love about change and what it means for you in the comment section. Take the time to read what others have loved and thank you for stopping by.



Crystal said...

This is such a broad word..change can mean so much and be so many things, bring about many differences. I don't always love change, but usually the difficulty with change passes quickly enough that on the other end, yes, the beauty surfaces. I love that it's:

an opportunity to learn ...and grow

knowledge about the past and a different knowledge to gain in the future

...that it's one of those things that keeps life or reality from being flat or stale

uncertain...wouldn't life be (maybe) not life without change

I love that change challenges us and others.

Thank you Tonia for provoking thought in me this morning, xo.

Linda said...

The best aspect of change is the surprise in not knowing what is to come. Only when you look back can you see how your life and the choices you make within it all fit together.

Change is sometimes heartbreaking and it takes forever to get over, but for me it has been ultimately a fresh, beautiful, and soul expanding experience.

Dare I say I want more of it?

Anonymous said...

Change is the best , it is great when you are not aware you have made a change and then there you are. At 60 i moved from SF Ca to Austin, TX no job, no money, no car Now at 66 I have a great job, a super set of new friends, And thinking of taking classes to learn a new career. Not sure what but but love people and love to help.....Maj78666

Anonymous said...

I was recently counseling one of my staff who has difficulty adapting positively to change. In her action plan I wrote that change was inevitable. The only thing you can control is your reaction to it. I am not the originator of that statement,but it has helped me navaigate myself through changing situations. Maria