Monday, January 11, 2010

Birthday Love

Today I felt so much love and appreciation for who I am. I have been celebrated by many friends, coworkers and family members. I am so grateful for the love that has shown itself today!
Thank you sweet spirit! I will remember the essence of the day, forever cherishing it.

That has not always been my story, I have not always noticed the love that was shown my way. I was tangled like a web in my own emotional state for many many years. I am awed by what healing ones Psyche can do. How I truly perceive my world differently. I am wearing myself much better these days. A bit more confident while feeling the roots of my tree silently growing from within.

So thank you God for the gift of self!



Michelle said...

I am so happy that you are able to find peace and happiness. It is not always easy to focus on the positive things in your life but it can make such a difference in how you feel and behave toward yourself and others. I try to remind myself of this frequently. Thanks for the posting. I love the phrase "wearing myself much better.."! Have a wonderful birthday!


Serenissima said...

What a beautiful post, so elegantly expressed!