Sunday, January 24, 2010


Now that I have admitted I am resisting my greater yet too be, I must tackle the fear that comes with this truth. I have lived in fear many many years not being conscious of what I am fearing. I read some where that "fear is the anticipation of future pain". Reflecting on the words "future pain" I can't help but think that must mean their is a part of my Psyche once again that believes in order to claim and accept my greater yet to be it has to be painful.

Fear paralizes me until something greater than myself wraps its arms around me surrounding me like a warm mist. It is then that my eyes can see what I am fearing and my heart can finally feel what it has needed too in order to heal. Most of the time it's a deep hidden saddness of loss. When this saddness reveals itself I know I must allow for it to be experienced. It is only after this that I can start to take action towards my greater yet to be with more grace and ease.

So I thank you spirit for the gift of healing!


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Anonymous said...

My wife reminds me that "you are what you think". So, in step one of confronting my fears, I say this: I am a positive, forward thinking initiator. My ideas spark a change in thought and move people to want to do better in their lives and for a greater collective good. I don't change people, but I give them a platform to think beyond this perceived reality. Think good, be good, move forward without fear as the truth is revealed. CW