Saturday, January 23, 2010

Resisting My Greater Yet Too Be

I am resisting! I am aware of it on some level but not too its depth. But mostly the truth is when I sit and connect to the light from within I am resisting my greater yet too be. I am afraid to be great. What will people think? It seems safer to tell myself I can't, then to tell myself I can. I am not entirely sure where this believe came from or if its mine alone. Meaning could this believe been passed down from others and my consciousness believed some piece of it so it attached itself to it. At what point do I start to tell my story and not care about being judged or feel embarrassed?

I do know this, the part of my soul that wants the greater yet to be is speaking more loudly these days. Much louder than the part of my soul that is resisting. I can't help but acknowledge this truth. I am learning to behold myself which means acknowledging my souls deep truth of who it is. I am a spiritual teacher, I have the great gift of deeply knowing and feeling spiritual truths. For this I am deeply grateful knowing that this gift has served me many times all the while chanting...

Oh radiant light
From within and without
I will magnify you!

So the light within me honors the light within you!



To Market, At Table said...

You're such an inspiration, Tonia!

And you're so right -- it's easier to put things off (even while loathing myself for it) than risk doing and failing. This year for me, too, is going to be about allowing myself to move forward, no matter how much I stumble or fall. One step at a time, I want to be moving in the right direction -- and knowing that the movement itself is fulfilling!

So much love to you,

Serenissima said...

You are filled with light, Tonia! Keep shining!