Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Family

Today our Josie Rose turned four! As I said a sweet happy birthday to my darling girl, I couldn't help but say happy birthday family. I believe we are all interconnected in a deep spiritual way. That our hearts have gold strings attached to each other so that we may know the love that is shared between us in the deepest way possible. That her celebration of turning four is our celebration of getting her to the age of four. So much love and energy our put into raising and creating a family. Making sure all needs are met from every persons perspective.

I am awed by the experience of when ones heart is opened to unconditional love it can't help but hurt and love so greatly all in the same moment. I didn't know I was capable of loving so deeply until our sweet Josie Rose came along. This amazing child has chiseled away at the stone wall that once surrounded my heart. For this I am forever grateful. I am eagerly waiting for the day I can share with my daughter that she has been the most amazing gift of love from God. Till then I will surround her in gold strings fearlessly protecting the love that flows from me to her.



Christine said...

Here's to many more. How beautiful!

To Market, At Table said...

Happy birthday to Josie Rose, who's so blessed to have such an all-around beautiful mother! God is good...