Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I had the most amazing day yesterday of being guided to my greater good. I must share that I have had a long hidden desire to paint. This desire has been stuffed deep down inside me for a very long time. I had a vision of myself come to me many many years ago, I was painting a large red flower on this canvas and my being was one with the movement of the brush. Now mind you, I had never even picked up a paint brush.

Yesterday on my way to work I was thinking about if I would ever really be able to make it as an artist and what did that look like to me. I realized some aspect of self did not believe it was possible. So I did what I know to do best when a truth reveals itself. I declared out loud in the car to myself and the Universe I am an ARTIST and I will make a substantial living at this career one day.

So the same day I decided to go to Starbucks on my lunch, but not one I usually go to. As I pulled into the lot my eyes immediately caught sight of a store front that read "Artist Co Op". I was shocked to see this as I just stated my intention that morning. I was greeted by the most wonderful individual, who generously encouraged me to honor the artist with in. I left the store that afternoon with a definite yes in my heart that I too can have my dreams come true.

So I ask the question, What are your dreams?


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Christina said...

hey tonia! if you want to be an artist, all you have to do is start creating -- it doesn't have to be a masterpiece, just make SOMETHING! i didn't paint for 2 years when i was in peace corps, but i still called myself an artist. congrats! i immediately thought of this painting when you talked of your dream: