Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Claiming My Good

I need to let go, I am holding on way too tight to something. I am not entirely sure what it is I am holding on to. I just know it has taken residence in my shoulders. It feels like that last bit you need to let go of before something amazingly great takes place in your life. It's almost like there is a part of self that thinks one way but the rest of myself has said, "I am claiming my GOOD!" So in essence a tug between the two. I am calling it a tug because why give it more energy than it really needs in order to vanish.

I've been saying my prayers and affirmations, I know these work. I have had many showings of these works through out my life that would not have happened had I not stated my desire to the universe. So I must state on many levels I am bursting with excitement for what is my Divine Right, my "GOOD" that I ought to have. Waiting with glad expectation for it to come! I believe the spiritual truth that every single person has a good for them and they ought to have it. So I ask you to listen for the good that is yours to claim trusting in Gods plan.


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