Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Heart Burst Open From The Song of Children

God works in mysterious ways! It seems if we set our intentions and keep positive things happen. Things that seem like miracles amongst our everyday life. Last night I was helping at a bake sale and had the great honor of seeing a beautiful African children's choir perform. I had the honor of standing next to one of the children before they performed. I was blessed by their aura of hope that radiated from their being. My heart burst open and I felt like I too was radiating with hope. My prayer for the evening was "Wash away my doubt".

God melted the doubt and replaced it with inspiration. I felt deep in my soul that I have a calling to work with children of the world. I am most struck by this knowing that by helping them, I am really healing me. On a deep spiritual level this is part of my contract with God to uphold. To honor the good that will come from this. It seems I have always realized on some level that we as humans are not separate. We all hurt the same, just as we all dream about a better future the same. I pray for a day that we all realize we are not separate but connected. That every choice we make doesn't just affect us but it affects the world.


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Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. Amen and AMEN dear friend.