Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Living With A Soulful Edge

There is a reason I am constantly in search of healing and accepting my souls desire. I believe at great length by doing this we become better people. That by healing ourselves, we heal the world. It seems funny at times that we as humans tend to blame companies or the government for what is wrong but what we fail to remember is that it is people who run these companies and the government. I believe deep down that if people where really connected to their greater good the world would run in a harmonious vibration. That it would be this spread of good that was like being dusted with magic.

I have become a better mother, wife, daughter, and friend since I have been on this soulful journey that began twelve years ago. In this time I have realized that the healing isn't about a destination but the journey and the people I have soulfully connected with. It's the magic that takes place along the path that allows for us to open the gateways to more good. It's allowing that something greater than ourselves to work in our lives and to trust the aspirations of our soul. Knowing it is telling us its deepest truth. My prayer to the universe is that every human being connects to their souls desire and has the courage to honor it in this lifetime.


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