Wednesday, February 24, 2010

There I still Am

Where ever I go there I still am. I realized today that I am in this place of having all false beliefs and what ever else that doesn't serve me stripped away. I just have me. At this point I am feeling abnormally calm about this. It feels like this huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders so that I could see with clear eyes the beauty of my own soul. This humbles me beyond words, it brings tears to my eyes every time my heart says "See your fabulous just on your own. You don't need to identify yourself by what you do or have." You see when I was younger it seemed all about a look or what job you had that made you who you where. I allowed myself to agree with that simply because I did not like who I was, I didn't think I had reason to like me. I let everyone else decide whether or not I was like able. Oh how I hurt my own soul and for that I am so very sorry.

As I become more aware of this I ponder how will I teach my own daughter to simply love being her? That no one else can be her. How do I teach her to fall in love with herself day in and day out? How do I nurture her amazing soul so she is not influenced by others but by the words of her heart? I have to admit I am nervous about this but this where my faith steps in. That something larger than myself to carry me through, to heal the wounds of my own soul so that I may bless the beauty of hers.


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Anonymous said...

The best way to teach Jojo is to show her....BE YOU. She will get it on a cellular level by your example. And love her unconditionally, the way you would like her to love herself.