Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Can Heal the World

Happy Valentine's Day dear friends! I was lucky to have a date with my hubby tonight, as well as the luxury of lingering in Barnes and Noble. I came across a newly released book titled "An Alter in the World" By Barbara Taylor. The idea of this book is that we keep looking for God as love outside of ourselves in distant places and that instead we should be seeing God as love in us and the everyday moments. I find that so fitting as today is valentine's day, the day about love. I love that a book has been written to allow for this idea that to find god (that something larger than ourselves) is to love ourselves and all that comes with living life. As a child the one thing I always said I wanted was to be loved. It was as if a part of my soul already new I would be on this spiritual quest to find love.

I find great beauty in reflecting how my definition and perspective of love has evolved over the years. As a young girl it was about if I am loved then I am OK. Come teenage years it was about the physical attraction that takes place with raging hormones. In the early twenties it was as if I had just combined the young girl and the teenager to become the young adult! The true shift came when I met Chris, my beloved. A piece of my heart settled in and said this it, he is your mate for a lifetime. Marriage has been an incredible lesson on love, it has challenged the very core of what I thought to be love. Here's what I know now, that your mate can only love you to the extent that you love yourself. Really this truth stands for all relationships. I am reminded of this truth quite often, especially when it is I who is feeling less than. It is in the moment of realization that I get it doesn't matter what he does, it is I who has to feel the love internally. When I feel love my heart hums. It a creates a vibration that extends into the world. I know now why the mystics say love can heal the world.


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Serenissima said...

Ain't love grand! Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day!