Sunday, February 7, 2010

"It's None Of My Business"

I am moved by words, the ones that speak to my soul. That tell me things I didn't know I felt. I read the title of this book "It's none of my business what you think of me". I've been told this before and kinda of got it but not really. At the time I was tangled to deeply into my own emotional junk to see with clear eyes. These words have got me churning and questioning my own soul of what this means to me. To take this further what would this mean to me if I took this title as a belief to live by. I 've been brewing about this for a few days now and really taking a good look at my psyche. Searching deep in my heart for an answer to this.

For one I would truly have to stop caring and responding to what people think of me. I would have to start acting in agreeance with this truth. To admit this is huge, its like signing a contract with God. It's relying on faith, knowing that I will be clearly directed to my life's purpose with ease and grace. It would mean to listen to the Divine Mind and not the ego mind. It would mean accepting that my path is my path, and that it is truly just between God and I. It would also mean I don't take on other peoples emotions and claim them as my own or give it too much unnecessary energy. Hence not giving away my power but honoring my power. The truth is I know these things deep deep within but I am fearful. I am uncomfortable but its too late to turn back because the truth heals. Once we become more conscious, its done. We can still choose but most likely if you choose to honor the knowledge within change does take place. So I say a prayer to God that this change takes place with a lot of grace and a large amount of joy.


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Anonymous said...

Hi T - Did you know that Terry Cole-Whitaker spoke at CSL yesterday? You were just speaking of this book, and she appeared. The perfection of God.
Love you,